Oh, Little Spark (2022)

Offline/Online Editor for an Award Winning Short Film

"We are all just a little spark, about to fizzle out..." A story of a Polish Grandmother escaping the past and her English grandson, looking at the stories long past... ’Oh, Little Spark!’ has won 15 awards at multiple festivals from around the world!! These include 4 ’best short film’ awards, 3 ‘best director’ awards, 2 ‘best actress’ awards for the incomparable Rula Lenska, 2 ‘best cinematography’ awards, 3 ‘best poster’ awards and 1 for ‘best original story’. Additionally, it has been selected as a Finalist 4 times, it has 6 official selections, 2 special mentions and a runner-up award for best short film.

Directed by Charlie Budden
Produced by Aby Kurioakose Mattam and Talha Pirzada
Music by Taran Mitchell

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