Hello, my name is Ivan!

First Assistant Editor specialising on HETV and Feature Film Workflows. Worked for a variety of large budget productions produced by TNT, Amazon and Netflix.

Ivan Kraye is an NYFA and Kodak nominated Editor. Working for a large variety of large scale productions produced by BBC, Amazon and Netflix, Ivan’s work as an Assistant and Editor is known to be of top quality, securing him positions on such shows as Dinner With The Parents, The Lazarus Project and World on Fire, as well as Editing Advertisements for H&M Russia. He’s known for good visual storytelling and quick problem-solving, with his portfolio encompassing all types of work ranging from Short and Feature length films to Documentaries and Commercial Projects.

Technically proficient in Avid Systems, Premiere, Resolve and the whole Adobe Suite. Backed by years of experience within Tech Assistant Areas, working as a Technical Assistant at Picture Shop (formerly The Farm) and Senior Technical Assistant at Radiant Post. This is also proven by my qualifications, which are listed below and my years of experience with editing software. If those are insufficient, I hope my portfolio of work will be a good indication!


Avid Certified Professional Media Composer

Avid Certified User Pro Tools

Proficient at Adobe Suite CC

DaVinci Resolve 16: Certified End User

Dabbled with Baselight, Nuke and Blender

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